How to submit a menu

If the menu for your favourite Canterbury takeaway is missing or out of date, it's probably because I haven't received a copy of it yet. Here's how you can send me a new menu to include.

If you run a takeaway in Canterbury, then please consider sending me a copy of your menu when you publish a new version — and if you can send me the original artwork as a PDF or JPEG file, even better!

(Please note that this site only lists takeaways that deliver to Canterbury in the UK; if you're running a restaurant in Canterbury, New Zealand, then this is Not The Site You're Looking For.)

By email

You can contact me at <>.

If you're scanning a menu yourself, please do a colour scan at 600 DPI, and save in high quality (90%+) JPEG format. Don't worry about editing or cropping the images — I have automated tools to do this.